Write the next sentence to “The Tale of Prince Charming”!

Charming's faithful steed, Cameron
Prince Charming and his faithful steed, Cameron

Help! Someone has left a new tale in Granny Possum’s Story Book. Unfortunately, the tale is unfinished. Help us out and write the next sentence!

Once Upon a Time, there was a Prince. Charming was his name, and charming he was, in every way. He was tall and handsome in ways that caused both women and men to swoon at the mere sight of him. His sparkling sapphire eyes twinkled with a brightness that rivaled starlight. His soft and bouncy auburn hair was the envy of every maid in the kingdom. The epitome of masculinity, he once carried an injured deer 6 miles in a fierce blizzard while protecting the fair Snow White from evil dwarves known to frequent the area.

Founder of “Alarmingly Charmingly”, The Prince demonstrated that he is as brilliant as he is handsome, when he discovered a plant that when converted into a potion and applied to wet hair, gives the user’s tresses a sheen almost as magnificent as Charming’s own flowing locks.  “Doesn’t your hair deserve a Happily Ever After?” was soon a national catch-phrase.

He lived in a huge castle complete with rooms for every need. It was a castle of great historical significance. Just like the Prince himself. He was an exceptionally good horseman and rode his faithful steed, Cameron, wherever he went. He rode Cameron to the local orphanage where he tended to little children in need. He rode Cameron in the woods where he righted wrongs in many miraculous ways.

One day, while riding through the forest near the sea, Prince Charming spotted a fallen Red-tailed Hawk youngling that had fallen from its nest. He quickly dismounted and with great purpose and haste, climbed to the top of the great redwood from which the nestling had fallen and replacing the young raptor, surveyed his kingdom from on high. It was perched atop this tree that he spotted