I am so excited about our May show.  We are reprising a character that we have done before – Nick Tickle – and we are presenting Twice Upon a Time, another favorite show from our past.

Act One will be the Further Adventures of Nick Tickle, a fairy tale detective, who is hot on the case of who kidnapped Granny Possum, our intrepid story teller.  Who are the suspects?  Snow White? Red Beard the Pirate? Cinderella?  Prince Charming?  Puss In Boots? You will get no hints from me and will have to come and see for yourself.

Act Two is the ever popular Twice Upon a Time.  Three witches have lost their spell book and in their efforts to get it back, they keep accidently causing princesses to appear in their cave.  It starts to get pretty crowded  and when the Frog Prince shows up, things really get hopping!  See if the princesses ever get rescued or if they have to become apprentice witches!

These two shows are excellent for all ages!  If you know younger children who have never been to the theater yet, now is the time to bring them.  If you know older children and adults who love the humor in Shrek, these are the shows to come see!

Make a night or day of it…come to one of the great restaurants in Miami Springs (see our “Plan Your Visit” page) and then come to the theater.

Group rate tickets are $10 each for 10 people attending the same show.  Call me at 305-884-6804 to reserve the group rate tickets. See you there!


Nancy Jones, Theater Manager
Nancy Jones, Theater Manager


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